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    Ningbo Yinzhou Huasheng vocational training school, founded in September 2009, formerly known as Huasheng CNC 色大姐|色大姐导航, Yinzhou District, school-enterprise cooperation internship training base unit.

    Three Village school is located in Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, the first South street, the factory covers an area of ​​nearly 40 acres and a building area of ​​more than 25,000 square meters, has imported machine tools manufacturing equipment, the introduction of a the CNC lathe design experts at home and abroad, and a large number of engaged in the production of machine tools, inspection professional and technical personnel, more than 500 square meters of classrooms, we can accommodate 160 people two theoretical classroom, fitter assembly and maintenance, CNC machining and cartographer three internship classroom covers an area of ​​approximately 500 square meters, external teachers people, more than 50% of the professional teachers as "Double Type" teachers, 40% of teachers were senior titles, national outstanding teachers, the provincial technical innovation experts, Ningbo chief workers, urban discipline backbone as well as technicians. Student junior high school-level research rate was maintained at more than 90%, the employment rate for many years to maintain 100%, to December 2011 of the Social Training CNC, CAD draftsman, fitter, turner of more than 1,100.

    The school set up under the Human Resources Development Service Department, to the company as a base and training center relying on a combination of the spirit of learning and employment. In conjunction with the Ningbo molds Association and the purchase units of CNC machine tools, conducting courses, the trainees training of qualified vocational qualification certificate issued by the labor department.

    Adhere to the content and scale simultaneous development, adhere to the "service for the purpose of employment-oriented, skills-based" schools adhere to the people-oriented, multi-platform talent. Graduate employment advantages, entrepreneurship the conditional, development basis.

    Outside of school-enterprise cooperation in training, training class base

    2、Training organization chart



    3、The form of training and location

    My school form four forms of training, are sent to the countryside to teach (plant), and concentrated to come to the school, into the School Liaison Office and school-enterprise co Pei.

    (1) sent to the countryside to teach (plant)
    School for large and medium-sized enterprises, according to the needs of enterprises, develop training plan. Our school teachers to the enterprises to give lectures, enterprise to arrange time, organize staff to participate in training.

    ( 2) the concentration of school

    According to the common requirement of enterprises, schools for training, organization of the enterprise training personnel, centralized school participates in special training.

    ( 3) into a School Liaison Office

    And adult education schools regularly joint running school, combines both the advantages of resources, the formation of complementary advantages.

    ( 4) the unity of culture

    School and business enterprise collaboration training. From 2009 to 2011 and the Ningbo City Tianbo Electronics Company Limited, Ningbo Ningbo group, inspired by the group, Ningbo opened to open the group, Ningbo electric company promotes, Ningbo Wo pump industry limited company, Ningbo China fluid machinery limited company, Ningbo star arrow Aerospace factory, Ningbo into a fine car industry limited company, Ningbo Hengli Auto Bearing Co., Ltd. Ningbo Tianyuan compressor limited company cooperation, organize staff technology, safety training.

    4、Training management system

    In order to ensure the amateur training teaching are carried out smoothly, so that students through the training of master solid professional theory and excellent skills, specially formulated teaching management system.

    1, before flying a class, full-time management personnel jointly with concerned personnel according to the training program, professional training plan formulation of training theory, skills training plan, approved by the leaders, and report to the municipal ( District) Labor Bureau for the record after the implementation of.

    2, the teacher according to the teaching program and student actual, preparing lessons carefully, carefully lectures, tutorials, correcting homework and exam. Take an active part in teaching activities, exchange teaching experience; listen to student report, improving teaching methods, improve teaching quality, to improve the quality of students as their responsibility.

    3, training departments or regularly check the teaching plan, and held a forum and other means of eliciting students and employers in the teaching work, and gradually perfect the means of teaching, improving teaching and management.

    4, should be training to students, the strict implementation of the rules for safe operation, the proper use of machinery, electrical equipment and tool, clamp, weight, cutting tools, to achieve a safe and civilized production, resolutely eliminate all hidden dangers of accidents.

    5, teachers and every time after class must fill out lesson table.

    6, after the end of each class, a full-time staff ( or departments ) shall timely organize a variety of materials, data, timely reporting and filing, filing materials shall include: class examination table, training plan, program, student registration application form, students enrollment roster, achievement summary table, each course graduation examination paper and students all should test ( test piece material separate retaining half).

    7, each time after the training, to sum up the experience lesson, each academic department or full-time staff of the annual work to write a written summary of the material, for leading reference, so as to improve the work.

    Training institutions sponsoring the qualification certificate

    Country occupation qualification certificate sample FITTER

    Country occupation qualification certificate sample NC lATHE

    Country occupation qualification certificate sample CARTOGRAPHER